Workshop "Lattice Boltzmann Methods"


Lattice Boltzmann Methods - Theory and Applications in Fluid Mechanics
Erlangen, March, 26th - 28th, 2001

This workshop was organized by LSTM-Erlangen with financial support from DFG and KONWIHR. Internationally recognized scientists gave lectures. Even though the workshop was some years ago, most of the lecture notes are sill of relevance. Some additional lecture notes on lattice Boltzmann topics from other more recent events have also been added below in the download section to make this page even more attractive.

Program of the LBM2001 workshop

More or less for reference: the original PDF: announcement of the workshop as PDF file

Download of the lecture notes

Most lecture notes of the LBM2001 workshop as well as some additional material are available for download in PDF format. These downloads are provided completely free of charge but you have to register (i.e. fill out a short online form) before you can access the files because we want to track how much interest in these materials there is. We believe that this local online form is a much better means than using google-analytics or other (invisible) tracking methods.

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Lecture notes of the LBM2001 workshop:

Note: some people in the mean time changed their affiliation, nevertheless, below they are listed with the affiliation they had at the time of the workshop, i.e. 2001.

Lecture notes from the lattice Boltzmann minisymposium at the External link: Parallel CFD 2011 conference in Barcelona, Spain (Catalanya):

Lecture notes from the lattice Boltzmann training course at the External link: Parallel CFD 2007 conference in Antalya, Turkey:

Lecture notes on implementing lattice Boltzmann flow solvers from recent short courses of the External link: ICMMES conference series:

Further information on lattice Boltzmann methods

The number of publications and groups working on lattice Boltzmann methods is growing exponentially. Therefore, the following list is by no means comprehensive. Please feel free to point us to other items we should include!

Conferences, workshops and tutorials

Some free or commercial lattice Boltzmann codes

  • External link: anb - a very basic teaching code (2-D, BGK collision, arbitrary geometries)
  • External link: OpenLB - an open source lattice Boltzmann framework
  • External link: EXA Corp. - the comany which develops and sells the commercial lattice boltzmann based "PowerFLOW" flow solver

The lattice Boltzmann mailing list "lb-methods"

The basic idea of the "lb-methods" mailing list is an increased information exchange and discussion between different groups and individuals working with or interested in lattice Boltzmann methods. For more information visit the dedicated webpage on the "lb-methods" mailing list which not only contains information on how to subscribe but also an archive of the previous postings.

An other platform for exchange on lattice Boltzmann methods can be found in the External link: Forums on