KONWIHR Project VISimLab


VISimLab: Virtual Reality based, interactive Fluid Simulation using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Project summary

KONWIHR funding

  • initial KONWIHR funding: 10/2002-09/2004


  • Prof. Dr. E. Rank, Lehrstuhl für Bauinformatik, TU-München

Selected publications

  • C. van Treeck, M. Pfaffinger, P. Wenisch, J. Frisch, Z. Yue, M. Egger, E. Rank: Towards Computational Steering of Thermal Comfort Assessment, IndoorAir2008, August 17-22, Copenhagen, Denmark, (2008).
  • P. Wenisch: Computational Steering of CFD Simulations on Teraflop Supercomputers, Dissertation, TU-München, (2008). External link: E-Diss
  • C. v. Treeck, P. Wenisch, A. Borrmann, M. Pfaffinger, O. Wenisch, E. Rank: ComfSim - Interaktive Simulation des thermischen Komforts in Innenräumen auf Höchstleistungsrechnern, Bauphysik, 29:(1) (2007) 2-6. External link: DOI: 10.1002/bapi.200710002
  • C. van Treeck, P. Wenisch , A. Borrmann, M. Pfaffinger, N. Cenic, E. Rank: tilizing high performance supercomputing facilities for interactive thermal comfort assessment, Proc. 10th Int. IBPSA Conference Building Simulation, September 3-6, Bejing, China, (2007).
  • P. Wenisch, C. v. Treeck, A. Borrmann, E. Rank, O.Wenisch: Computational steering on distributed systems: Indoor comfort simulations as a case study of interactive CFD on supercomputers, International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, 22:(4) (2007) 275-291. External link: DOI: 10.1016/j.apm.2005.11.022
  • A. Borrmann, P. Wenisch, C. van Treeck, E. Rank: Collaborative computational steering: Principles and application in HVAC layout, Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering (ICAE), 13:(4) (2006) 361-376.
  • C. van Treeck, E. Rank, M. Krafczyk, J. Tölke, B. Nachtwey: Extension of a hybrid thermal LBE scheme for Large-Eddy simulations of turbulent convective flows, Computers and Fluids, 35 (2006) 863-871.